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Liza Tullidge

Builder. Creator. Challenger.

Why these three words?

A traditional job title just would not cut it to explain the collective breadth of Liza's work.


 These three words are the essence of everything Liza does in pursuit of her purpose:

Building a better world 1% every day.

Serial entreprenuer + advisor, Liza Tullidge, wears many hats in her career. Founder. Activist. Investor. Creative. Strategist. Community leader. Conscious capitalist. Educator. Advisor. Mentor. Guide.


She currently leads the team as Founder + CEO at Maven + Co, a touchpoint engineering consultancy focused on building better businesses through optimizing infrastrucure,  strategy, + impact oriented capitalism.

In 2021, Liza will be launching an Impact Foundation through Maven + Co to invest in and support building impact makers globally, who are tackling the world's major issues from climate + eco impact to social justice. The foundation will be the latest chapter in Liza's mission to help build a better planet and to live by Maven + Co's guiding principles.


Liza has served on various Boards and as a Trustee for organizations across a breadth of sectors, including technology, entertainment, real estate, investment, hospitality, CPG, environmental impact, social justice + animal welfare.

In addition to her ventures, Liza is an active Impact Investor, mentor, philanthropist, in addition to patron of the arts, animal welfare + the environment. In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Liza has built several charities and foundations focused on the environment + animal welfare, as well as advised + empowered many other charitable organizations.


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