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Introducing Liza

Liza Tullidge is a seasoned non-executive director, advisor, and serial entrepreneur dedicated to redefining "business as usual." Her work focuses on integrating sustainability into the core of business operations, transforming how companies operate and thrive. Through her ventures, Maven + Co and Netā, Liza empowers leaders and organizations to adopt sustainable practices that drive both profitability and positive impact.

Strategic + Board Advisor  Founder 
Chair + Non-Executive Director 

 Public Speaker   Strategist

Author    Entrepreneur   Investor

Sustainablility Advocate + Speaker 

Podcast Host 


Liza catalyses real sustainability into success for businesses, leaders, and boards.

With a career spanning multiple sectors, Liza collaborates with corporations, multinationals, SMEs, startups, and impact providers to embed sustainability into their core strategies. As a sought-after public speaker, she captivates global audiences on topics like sustainable leadership, the future of capitalism, and corporate governance. Liza’s leadership extends to serving on various boards, where she practices the very strategies she advocates. She is a dynamic force in the world of sustainable business and strategic growth.

Liza is the driving force behind Maven + Co and Netā, guiding Non-Executive Directors and executives to lead with sustainability at the forefront. Liza’s upcoming book, Building Your Blueprint: Creating Your Definitions of Success, and her podcast, Maven Made, further amplify her mission to drive impactful change. As an activist, Liza takes bold political action to champion innovation and the planet, ensuring her influence extends beyond boardrooms and into the heart of societal progress.


Recent speaking engagements include:

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